Charliemadison Originals

It's always fun when a business that you've long admired comes to you for rebranding help. This is exactly what happened with Wendy of Charliemadison Originals. Wendy had built a small side business into a formidable company and knew her branding needed an update to help continue her growth. I had been a fan of her simple, meaningful jewelry every since I discovered it a few years ago at a local store. It was an honor when Wendy approached me to collaborate and I was excited to give new life to an already solid business.

Charliemadison Originals is about helping to celebrate life’s little moments. Each piece of jewelry is a token, meant to inspire and remind the wearer of what’s important in their life. Customers can chose their own special token or share their favorite with someone they love. Charliemadison Originals’ branding is meant to evoke a sense of casual sophistication. The aesthetic is easy and unfussy but still beautiful. The logo uses a custom freehand script that was polished without being too “perfect.” The feeling is for a combination of both modern and vintage.

Both the logo and its variations have slight imperfections, making them both unique and true to the casual nature of the brand. The submarks and variations stylize the leather knot seen on all of Charliemadison Originals’ bracelets. It’s a differentiator of the product, and it also serves as a reference to the company’s ties to the US Navy and the company’s focus on family and the “ties that bind.”

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Image courtesy of  Originations by Julie

Image courtesy of Originations by Julie