Empowered Women Empower

I have been so lucky to be a part of a really amazing group of female entrepreneurs here in North Carolina. They're not only my professional allies, but they have all become great friends of mine in the two years I've been in Southern Pines. Its hard not to feel invigorated, inspired, and empowered after our monthly coffee meetings. So I was very excited and humbled when I was invited to create the branding for a new series being hosted by a few of the members of that group, who also happen to be the powerhouses behind the military spouse-owned company R.Riveter.

The Empowered Women Empower series serves to provide what our small entrepreneur group has on a larger scale, and is geared toward the entrepreneur- and career-minded military spouse. Un- and under-employment is rampant in the military spouse community, with over 18% of military spouses being unemployed, and 38% working in a job they are overqualified for. For comparison, civilian spouse un- and under-employment rate is 4.4%  and 6%, respectively. In turn, many military spouses are turning to entrepreneurship to help bridge the gap. And events like Empowered Women Empower serve to help solve the problem.  

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photo courtesy  KalaC Photography

photo courtesy KalaC Photography