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Lauren Haggett practices what she preaches and her aesthetic resonates to all aspects of her life. A Florida native, you can tell just by meeting her that neutrals are not in her vocabulary. Lauren's always outfitted in some sort of bright color, and she even drives a bright tennis ball green Jeep Wrangler. Her enthusiasm for life is reflected in how she works with her fitness clients. She loves helping them find their own definition of fit: whether its bouncing back from an injury, nailing lifting benchmarks, or making a specific race time. This girl is the real deal and the branding for her business, LaHaFit. needed to reflect that.

The aesthetic features slightly toned-down bright colors; something almost out of Miami Beach. The logo is fun and playful, but the submark hits the strength and upward movement she is always working on with her clients, and it also plays off the triangle and square themes in her logo. 

For Lauren's website, the goal was for it to be strong, bold, and also highlight her wellness philosophy. Lauren works with both male and female clients, so she wanted something that would be attractive to both, and would display her work with clients, not just her own accomplishments. We worked with Tamara of Tamtopia Photography, using a lot of natural light and surroundings to achieve a fun and casual mood for her photos, which only complimented her branding. 

If you're in the Sandhills region of NC and are looking for a passionate, knowledgeable personal trainer who will help you succeed in your wellness goals, be sure to check out LaHaFit

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