Rebranding a Brand Stylist


How do you rebrand your company?

How do you rebrand your company when you're a brand stylist?

How do you rebrand your company when you're a brand stylist AND your own worst critic? 

The answer is to treat yourself like you would treat any other client. I made myself fill out a branding questionnaire, complete a brand strategy, edit and refine a style proposal, and finish with a complete style guide. I had to strictly curate and get to the root of who I am and what my business stands for. I drew inspiration from my architecture and historic preservation backgrounds  - leaning on early 20th century design such as the Bauhaus, early industrial design, midcentury American aesthetics, including geometric shapes and bold colors. Clients should know that I'm bold, don't shy away from color, but in my designs I always draw from precedence and classics that truly will never go out of style. It's not a style for everyone, but  thats the point: branding is supposed to reflect you, your company, and resonate with your unique audience in no other way. 


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Leslie Brians