Unfolding Hands

When you're a creative and a small business owner, putting your self-care first can be daunting. It seems like you never have enough time and spending time on anything other than projects, clients, and your business seems selfish. In an effort to maintain sanity, I always make a point to carve out time for a massage at least once a month. When I moved to Southern Pines, I felt so lucky to find Katie Gaudreault of Unfolding Hands. Katie is a therapist who not only is amazing at what she does, but takes time at the end of each session to educate her clients. She's truly gifted, especially when working with old, broken former athletes like myself. Every session with Katie left me feeling renewed and energized. 

Katie is both an educator and a healer, and she expressed to me that she wanted a brand that reflected her treatment approach. She wanted something that was approachable, down to earth, and yet also emphasized her work with layers of the body. The final design is simple, a little rough around the edges, and plays with shadows and tonalities. The effect gives clients a sense of comfort, security, and confidence. 

To see Katie's completed site, learn more, and to book a session, visit www.unfoldinghands.com