Frequently Asked Questions

  • Whats the difference between branding and a logo?

While a logo is only a small, simple mark, a brand includes every single touchpoint your customers have with your company. It’s the virtual representation of what an experience with you or your company is like. For a really succinct summary of the difference, read this short definition of the difference by marketing guru Seth Godin


  • Can you design JUST a logo for me or my business?

In order to provide clients with a brand they will love, as well as one I’m proud of producing, we need to complete the entire branding process as outlined on the Packages page. My goal is for you to not just have a logo, but also to have the tools to be able to utilize it correctly, as a logo is just a small portion of a brand (see FAQ #1). Looking for the whole package? The Premium Branding package also includes branding for social media, print, and web.


  • I saw the website you did for another client. Can you design one for me?

If you’re interested in website development in addition to your branding package, please take a look at the Premium Branding package. At this time, website design is only available to Premium Branding customers.


  • Can you design a flyer / media kit / packaging / social media design for my company?

I provide these services to my Branding and Premium Branding Package clients for an additional fee. To learn more about available packages, check out the Packages page.


  • Do you barter for any of your services?

At this time bartering is not a payment option. A very limited amount of clients are taken each year, and as a result we cannot accept any bartering/ service swap payment options. The only payment options accepted are those outlined below.  


  • What is your payment plan?

Payments are payable depending on the package. For the Branding Review and the Branding Package, payment is expected in two installations: the initial deposit (50% of quoted price) upon signing the contract, followed by the remaining 50% paid upon completion of the project. For the Premium Branding Package, payment is expected in three installations: the initial deposit (50% of quoted price) upon signing the contract, followed by 25% after delivery of the branding board, and the final 25% paid upon completion of the project. Details are outlined in your contract. All payments should be made via either direct deposit or mailed check. At this time I am unable to accept credit card payments, digital checks, or payment plans beyond those specified above plan. Discounts are available for military spouses and veteran-owned companies. Please state your affiliation when filling out the contact form.


  • Do you expedite your designs?

I completely understand needing something sooner rather than later. You’ll receive a custom timeline after signing the contract. If this does not meet your needs, I can offer expedited packages for an additional fee of $500.


  • What are your office hours?

In an effort to maintain sanity and enjoy family time, hours are strictly 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. EST, Monday through Friday. If a trip or vacation is planned, clients will be informed on an individual basis.


  • What are you listening to right now?

There's no design happening in the studio without music. Check out the official LBD Spotify playlist here to listen to what's fueling the latest creation.


  • Why is there such a long time until you're AVAILABLE?

I only take on 5-6 clients a year. The rest of the time I'm either helping design a magazine, I'm traveling somewhere exotic, or I'm on a secret mission. 


  • Coffee or Tea?

Coffee. Lots and lots of coffee. Along with mountains of dark chocolate.   


  • Dogs or Cats?

Let the office mascot Bear answer this one.


Have another question not answered here? Then please feel free to contact me or schedule a complimentary consultation.