Sydney Opera House Printable

Sydney Opera House Printable


Designed by Danish architect Jørn Utzon, The Sydney Opera house features a modern expressionist design, with a series of large precast concrete "shells", each composed of sections of a sphere forming the roofs of the structure.

Utzon received the Pritzker Architecture Prize, architecture's highest honour, in 2003. The Pritzker Prize citation read:

There is no doubt that the Sydney Opera House is his masterpiece. It is one of the great iconic buildings of the 20th century, an image of great beauty that has become known throughout the world – a symbol for not only a city, but a whole country and continent.

On 28 June 2007, the Sydney Opera House became a UNESCO World Heritage Site, having been listed on the National Trust of Australia register since 1983, the City of Sydney Heritage Inventory since 2000, the New South Wales State Heritage Register since 2003, and the Australian National Heritage List since 2005.

10% of proceeds benefit the National Trust for Historic Preservation.

8.5”x11” printable

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