All the Kind Words


"I absolutely believe without any reservations that re-branding was the best decision for my business. I've received feedback from customers and mentors about how clean, clear, and inspiring my branding is and how it matches the story behind the brand. I have customers tell me they're so excited to open their packages and see everything inside - it all matches and looks like a gift. I've had mentors tell me that my website is so well-defined and that it's clear that it speaks to my ideal clients. And I've had other businesses ask me where I went for help with the branding."

- Wendy Hively | CEO + Owner | Charliemadison Originals

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"I had such a great experience working with Leslie. She helped me organize my thoughts, gave me clarity in my brand and vision, and gave me a platform for educating my clients more efficiently. Thank you"

- Katie Gaudreault | Unfolding Hands Massage Therapy

"Thank you to Leslie for creating such a beautiful and authentic brand for me. I love all of it and have already integrated it into all corners of my life!"

“Leslie was an absolute DREAM to work with. She did her research and executed a brand that I could have only dreamt of - it embodies me and my company perfectly! She is extremely professional and met all time requirements. Thank you Leslie for an amazing brand!”

- Lauren Haggett | Laha Fit

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“I’ve never been more excited about a design project than when working with Leslie. It’s not uncommon to want to make minor tweaks to graphics or branding suggestions, but this wasn’t the case with Leslie. She was able to capture and portray my brand’s personality entirely, from colors and textures to complimentary fonts. Her professionalism and attention to detail has made a lifetime client out of me.”

- Abi Ray | Editor-in-Chief | Legacy Magazine