unique branding for small businesses with a budget


Does this sounds like you and your business?

It’s time for a logo update.


You are fresh on the market with your new business.


You might have tried to DIY your design in the past.


The fully custom brand route has been outside of your budget.

Whatever the case, The Simplified Brand Suite is here to help!


Each design, only available to three customers, creates a unique brand that is catered to your industry.

The price point selected with you in mind.

Offering a high-end design without the crazy price tag, The Simplified Brand Suite is perfect for you.

Customized with a business name and selected colors, these exclusive designs are ready for all of your branding needs!

Pricing is set for under $1,200 per brand*!

* payment plans available

How it Works

Six simple steps to your new brand.


Select your new brand!

Time to shop for the perfect design for you! The Simplified Brand Suite has a few different options, each with suggested industries that are good fits for the design. However, any suite can be the perfect pairing for your business. Have fun with this part! Remember each brand is only available for purchase to three customers - once they’re gone, they’re gone for good!


Tell us about your business

Once you’ve made your selection, you will be prompted to fill out a form for the designer (aka me, Leslie). Details such as your business name, your industry and contact information will be required to continue. Other items such as your color palette will be requested. If you don’t have a color palette for your existing brand, I will use the provided color palette in the suite design. To complete the form, you will also review and confirm The Simplified Brand Suite terms and conditions. You can get a preview of what those are here!

choose your payment plan

After you select ‘submit’ on your suite information form, you will be able to choose how to pay for your branding. You get the choice of either 1 payment of the full amount or the full amount split into 2 payments. Please note that all work stops here until you choose a payment plan. After you have completed your payment, you will receive a confirmation email.


keep an eye on your email

I will review your completed the Simplified Brand Suite form and reach out if I have any additional questions. It is crucial for you to keep an eye out in your inbox at this point! A response within 72 hours of this email is essential to the timeline of receiving your completed branding.


Get your new Brand

After all of the above steps are checked off, within 14 business days you’ll be sent your completed brand suite! You will get an email straight to your inbox with a Google Drive link to access all materials, files, and more. Also if you’ve selected a payment plan, your remaining payment will be charged automatically at 14 days.


Share that new brand with the world!

Show off on social media, upload that logo to your website, pass out those business cards - however you like!


Available Brands