How Things Work

Branding you and your business takes time and effort, and that’s because it should be absolutely perfect. People should see your business and know exactly who they will be working with — someone classic, timeless, professional, and worth it. Because your branding is unique and powerful, it takes an average of 3-4 weeks to perfect. Premium Branding Packages — those that include branding, print, and web — typically take 3-4 months. All of these timelines are estimates, as each project is dependent upon the individual project, number/complexity of revisions, client response timeliness, and schedule. A detailed schedule will be provided upon signing the proposal.


Step One

Let’s get to know each other! After your request is received, step one is a phone call, Skype, or Google Hangout session. We’ll talk about the basics — your business, goals, and vision for your brand development. Guess what? You get to ask questions too! Consider this our first date.

Making it Official

Step Two

Are we a good match? How exciting! Here a formal proposal for our specific project will be put together and sent it to you. It’s your turn to look it over and send any questions, comments, or concerns. You’ll also sign and send it back, along with your approval. Make sure you also keep a copy for yourself. Next, an invoice for the deposit — your first payment - will be sent. *Prompt payment is appreciated and will solidify our partnership. *Please note this deposit is nonrefundable.


Step Three

Homework time! The branding questionnaire is your chance to make sure we’re on the same page. You'll receive a link to the questionnaire and you can fill it out and send it back. This step is wonderful because it helps get to know you and your business even better — your vision, what you love about your business, and what makes your business so unique. These answers really help visualize your branding.


Step Four

It’s time! Your project start date has arrived, and you're probably thrilled too. After all, branding is a huge part of what transforms and identifies your business. After your questionnaire answers have been reviewed, A visual brand strategy inspiration will be created for us to review together. This document will include a color palette and style inspiration, and observation that will set the overall tone of your new brand. It’s delivered within 10 business days of your start date, and you can review it and request up to two refinements until you are in love with how things are going.

Time to Create

Step Five

Your inspiration board is finalized and it’s time to create the basis for your new brand — the logo! Your logo is how clients will recognize you. It’s the face of your new brand. This step takes approx 14 business days. Here, you’ll receive your second deliverable — a brand concept based on the previous steps. Once received, you will have the opportunity to review and request up to two rounds of refinements until your new design is all you can think about!

Making Things Perfect

Step Six

Your new branding guide is here! It includes the following: your logo, color palette, inspiration photos, sub mark, logo variations, patterns, fonts, and any collateral elements. Just like before, you can review and request up to two rounds of refinements on the final board. When you approve it and your final payment is made, your files are packaged and sent to you via Google Drive. This is it! Your branding is done, and now you can market your business the way you’ve always dreamed.

Everything Beyond

Step Seven

Are you a Premium Branding package client? Well, guess what? You get some extras! And they’re pretty wonderful. In addition to your brand board, you’ll also receive the following designs:

  • Digital: website as requested (up to 6 pages via Squarespace)
  • Files delivered in print-ready pdf form: business card, business letterhead/notecard and envelops, stamp, hangtag, stickers, social media page designs, etc. to complete your new brand. Would you like the printing process to be handled? It’s $100 per item, not to include shipping.
  • Do you feel all warm and tingly? That’s branding happiness you’re feeling. I’m so glad we could complete this together.

    Have another question not answered here? Then please feel free to contact me or schedule a complimentary consultation.