unfolding hands - visual direction


Quality - Katie's aesthetic is clean and full of shadow-play and texture. Natural lighting and neutrals are preferred. While not expressly black and white, the influence of shadow contrast is prevalent. Try to avoid using overexposed or underexposed photographs. Visuals should offer a fair amount of white negative space and clean lines. Un-cropped images are preferred, so please be mindful of every inch of the image in the camera. Being mindful of the frame ensures that resolution is not lost due to cropping. 

Appearance - The desire is to express Katie's personality professionally. Her time, care, and attention to detail. In your shots, please include a fair amount of negative space, neutral tones, and shadows when photographing. 

Variety - Images that are shown both in detail and the wider environment help to ensure that Katie will have as many options as possible when using her branding products. Ideally there should be a selection of close up shots couples with surrounding environment shots. The more variety we have to work with the better. Also, since Katie works with clients, there should be an emphasis on her manually working with people - detail shots that emphasize her, quite literally, "hands on" approach to business. Visual direction is provided below, but feel free to add any images that you think would add to the creativity!