Gift Guide for the Entertainer

“The ornaments of your home are the people who smile upon entering time and time again.” ~Maralee McKee

Hosting is an art, and not an easy one at that. A host may take weeks to prepare for an event that to a guest seems easy and casual, not knowing the time and effort that went into planning. Couple the planning with the holiday season and it can be extra stressful on a host. If you’re like me, you always want to show your appreciation to family, friends and acquaintances for opening their homes. But sometimes you tend to fall back on just grabbing the tried and true hostess gifts: a bottle of wine or a scented candle. This holiday season, why not switch it up and show your appreciation a slightly different way: with objects that can become heirlooms or can help create more memories for years to come.

  1. Schoolhouse Aiden Candle Sticks | These elegant and simple candle sticks will go with pretty much any decor. A timeless silhouette made of walnut, these will become heirlooms and take part in many of your hosts dinner parties throughout the years ahead. American-owned company located in Portland, Oregon | Made in the USA | $44 |

  2. Jars of Dust Pour Over Coffee Set | Believe it or not, it matters how coffee is made, and slow and steady often wins the race. Pour overs take their time, but the result is 100% worth it. If your host is a coffee lover who loves a cup or two for themselves, then this beautifully handcrafted set is sure to impress. And something about handmade pottery just makes a cup of coffee taste even better. This set, crafted in a home studio in Virginia, comes in three gorgeous glazes, and is food, microwave, and dishwasher safe. Women- and American-owned company located in Virginia Beach, Virginia | Hand-made in Virginia Beach, Virginia | $66 |

  3. 8-Cup Classic Chemex | Now for those hosts who like to make pour-over quality coffee for a crowd, the Chemex is the king of style and function. This has been a staple in kitchens since the 1970s, and has impacted the design world to the point that it’s on display in MOMA NY. You cannot go wrong with this coffee maker, which any recipient will most likely be proud to have sitting on their counter. American-owned company based in Western Massachusetts | $45 |

  4. Meehan’s Bartender Handbook | Does your host love cocktails and spirits? Then this book is for them. From the striking lawn green cover to the exquisite black and white line drawings inside, this book is sure to inspire even the most competent mixologists. When reading it, you’ll feel like you’re picking the brains of the best and most innovative cocktail crafters in the world. Published by an American-owned company located in New York, New York | $40 |

  5. Raleigh Denim Workshop Drake Carbon Tri-Pocket Apron | This apron only looks purely functional on first sight. Closer inspection and you’ll see the craftsmanship and detail that went into its creation. Even the most polished of hosts would find this apron a lovely addition. Crafted in a workshop attached to their showroom in downtown Raleigh, RDW owners first started out by making jeans, and once they hit success they branched out into accessories, such as this apron. American-owned company located in Raleigh, North Carolina | Made in Raleigh, North Carolina | $95 |

  6. Locally Roasted Coffee (Featuring Buggy Town Coffee’s Narino Blend) | Back to coffee, if your host’s idea of happy hour is an Americano, then be sure to do a little research in advance and figure out their favorite local coffee roaster. If they haven’t found one yet, then look at local roasters and grab a bag of their coffee. Each roaster adds their own unique spin on the final flavor and roast, making each batch truly unique. If you can’t find a local roaster, then may I suggest a few of my favorite small roasters: BuggyTown Coffee* (Carthage NC), Three Ships Coffee (Virginia Beach, VA), Jolly Roasters (Newport News, VA) and Turbo Coffee (Florence, AL). *Featured: American-owned company located in Carthage, North Carolina | Roasted in Carthage, North Carolina | $12 |

  7. Salt Fat Acid Heat (UK Edition) | If your host is a foodie, odds are they have seen the Netflix series based upon this James Beard Award-winning book. Beautifully illustrated and getting to the basics of cooking, this book is a must for any kitchen connoisseur. Want to step it up a notch? Grab a copy of the UK version for your host. The cover is beautifully foiled and it will make them feel extra special and appreciated. Published by an American-owned company located in New York, New York | $33.20 |

  8. Large Shield Wood Cutting Board | You can never have too many cutting boards. They’re perfect as cheese and charcuterie plates, serving trays, and, well, for cutting. This beautiful piece is large (17” x 22.5”) so it can accommodate any use. It’s functional, but also beautiful enough to be used as kitchen decor when not being used. A perfect addition to kitchen. Couple with maybe a set of cheese knives and voila! A set fit for even the most accomplished hosts. Made of repurposed North American White Oak | Hand-crafted in the United States  | $80 |

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