Gift Guide for the Everywoman

“To all the mothers and the sisters and the wives and friends, I want to offer my love and respect to the end” - Beastie Boys

We all know the woman who selflessly gives: whether to her family, to her friends, or to her community. It’s also unfortunately a thankless job that results in the sacrifice of self-care. This holiday season, give the woman — or women — in your life something that will pamper them and make them feel truly appreciated. This list features gifts that any woman would love to have for even a small moment of self-indulgence. In addition to the items below, other ideas to show your appreciation would be the gift of time, whether by looking after her children for her afternoon, gifting her a day at a local spa, or giving a gift certificate to her favorite coffee shop or restaurant. And of course, the below list highlights small American- and women- owned companies.

  1. Primally Pure Sea Soak | Truly an indulgent gift, this soak is made from epsom salt, dead sea salt, French green clay, organic kombu flakes, 0rganic kelp powder, and organic eucalyptus, peppermint, and spearmint essential oils. Epsom salt is known for its detoxifying properties and this not only detoxes, but soothes sore muscles and provides the skin and body with minerals such as magnesium. And to top it off, new research shows that taking a long hot bath can be as beneficial as a gentle workout session. American- and Women-owned company located in Southern California | Made in Southern California | $32 |

  2. Niche Mind Matcha Tea | A fan favorite in the Legacy Magazine offices, I got hooked on this tea when I picked it up at The Collective in Virginia Beach — which also happens to be the only place in America that stocks Niche brand tea. I brought it back to North Carolina and it was instant love. This matcha tea has such a lovely calming flavor of lime leaves, cinnamon, lemongrass, and cocoa, but also has enough caffeine to to help stimulate blood flow and increase mental energy. That’s before even touching on the killer design of its packaging. Women- and British-owned company located in London, UK | Hand-blended in London, UK | $12.64 |

  3. Nellie Taft Okay Cool Shirt | This is a lovely little company that creates some adorable and colorful t-shirts that look just as good with leggings as they do with a skirt. The Okay Cool shirt is a fun, very loose take on the iconic Thank You plastic shopping bags. Plus the peace sign fingers graphics are a cute cheeky touch. Women- and American-owned company based in Indianapolis, Indianan and Cleveland, Ohio | $28 |

  4. Redland Cotton Bath Bundle | Raise your hand if you hate scratchy, stiff towels? Odds are the woman in your life hates them too, but often towels go by the wayside when it comes to prioritizing household needs. However, there’s nothing quite as luxurious feeling as stepping out of the bath or shower and having a fluffy, soft, warm towel waiting for you. Redland Cotton’s towels are all made from cotton grown on a family-owned farm in northwest Alabama, which is rare considering most cotton farms are owned by large corporations. The fabric is all spun, manufactured, and the final products sewn in locations across the southeastern US. The resulting product is, according to the 80+ reviews on their site, an insanely soft, lightweight and durable towel that’s also very absorbent. American-owned company located in Moulton, Alabama | Manufactured in various locations throughout the Southern United States | $125 |

  5. Legacy Magazine Holiday Bundle | So I may be biased here (full disclaimer: I’m the director of design for Legacy Magazine) but while this magazine is geared toward military spouses and families, it contains stories, testimonials, and features that are relevant to anyone. If this doesn’t seem up the alley of the person you’re gifting for, look to any magazine (other favorites are Kinfolk, Deeply Rooted, Darling, etc) that has an intentional, mindful message, allowing the reader to take time for reflection and growth. American-, Women-, and military spouse-owned company located in Southern Pines, North Carolina | Printed in Washington D.C. | $45 for 3 volumes |

  6. Imogene + Willie Fethiye Washed Hickory Stripe Lounge Pant | “I would wear PJ pants all day every day if I were given the chance.” I think most women would agree with that statement. Nothing helps give someone the mindset of enjoying oneself more than a great pair of lounge pants, especially when there’s no expectation of work attached to them. These are made in America by a husband and wife team who champion American-made denim, but are now branching out into other products. American- and Woman-owned company located in Nashville, Tennessee | Manufactured in the U.S. | $255 |

  7. Binchotan Charcoal Body Scrub Towel | This towel is amazing. It exfoliates and detoxes using charcoal-infused thread that is then woven into the cloth of a washcloth. It features both a coarsely woven section - great for exfoliating, and a softer finer woven section that is perfect for soothing. Just rinse out between uses and hang to dry. Japanese-owned company located in Wakayama, Japan | $20 |

  8. Skylar Natural Perfume Sample Palette | Perfume is a tricky product - it makes you smell lovely, but its side effects can be detrimental. The average fragrant contains about 14 secret chemicals that aren’t listed on the label, according to the EWG. That’s not even taking into consideration the effects it has to others - growing up we had to avoid people with perfume like the plague because my dad would get debilitating headaches and migraines around anyone who would be wearing it. Due to lack of testing, we don’t know the long term effects of what spraying these solutions does to our health. But the sale of fragrances (aka perfume) is an eight billion dollar a year industry, and odds are you or someone you love have been gifted some sort of fragrance in your or their lives. But Skylar’s perfume isn’t your grandma’s Chanel No 5. This company is looking to turn that billion dollar industry on its head but creating “natural” perfume. Skylar’s philosophy is to be 6-Free: i.e. never include parabens, sulfates, allergens, phthalates, animal by-products, or synthetic dyes in their perfumes. They also have a “dirty” list of other ingredients they avoid using. It’s also really refreshing to see their very informative and educational website. Since scent is such a personal choice, opt to treat your loved one with a sampler so they can find the scent they love the most and purchase a bottle for themselves later! American- and Woman-owned company located in Marina del Rey, California | $20 |

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