The Why


It's 2018. Why start a blog? 

The reason is simple. Because this year is all about being intentional. I'm a "fly by the seat of my pants" girl at times, and others I'm paralyzed by not having a plan. This little blog is my attempt to have something to ground me a bit more.


It is a word that gets thrown around a lot - it's become, dare I say, cliché. I want to get back to what it really means

My goal is to get back in touch with things I truly believe in: ethics, sustainability, the built environment, genuine relationships, and passion projects. Sure some if it will be design-based, because design is everywhere and I'm obsessed with it, but mainly this is an attempt to celebrate people and organizations taking the time to do things right, slow, and with intention. 

I want my resources and time to be thoughtfully used, so I'll be focusing on answering the following:


am I supporting a sustainable practice? 

a small business owner? 

my local community?

a cause I support? 

am I surrounding myself with people who enrich my life?  


These are the questions I'll be asking myself through the year as I purchase things and support people, companies, and organizations. Also, please have patience and grace with every entry, for while communication is my number one strength, it's via visual means, not writing.

I ask you to join me on this journey. I want to hear what you're passionate about and what you're finding out there in the world that is intentional. 

This is my life beyond design - join me. 

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